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Robert Neale


Robert Neale from Seattle was the ace of the Flying tigers aces. He piloted a dive bomber on the carrier USS Saratoga when he joined the American volunteer group. He took command of the 1st Pursuit Group "Adam & Eve" at the death of Sandy sanderson. When the Group was disolved, he volunteered for two more weeks. The time to fill in the interim command of the 23d Fighter Group till the arrival of colonnel Robert Scott.
Decorated with the British DSO, he continued after the war with carreer as commercial pilot. He was attributed with 13 victories, as follows score-board.

SCORE BOARD : January the 23th 1942 : 1 Ki-27 Nate fighter - January the 24th 1942 : 2 Ki-21 "Sally" bomber - Juanuary the 26th 1942 : 1 Ki-27 Nate fighter - February the 6th 1942 : 1 Ki-27 Nate fighter- February the 25th 1942 : 4 Ki-27 Nate fighters - February the 26th 1942 : 3 Ki-27 Nate Fighters - May the 3rd 1942 : 1 Ki-15 "Sonia" reconnaissance plane.

David Lee Hill


The second ace of the Flying Tigers is david Lee Hill, alias "tex" Hill. Born in Korea to a missionary father, he was Dive bomber pilot on the carrier USS Ranger, based on the East coast, when he joined the A.V.G. In 1942 he replaces John Newkirk as commander of the 2nd Group "Panda Bears". Very close to Chennault, he is one of the only five Flying Tigers pilots who accept to integrate the US Army, as of July 1942. Elevated to Major, he commands the 75th Fighter Squadron. During a second tour of duty he commands the 23d Fighter Group and after the war he ends his career as general of the texas Air National Guard. Him were attributed 10,25 victories.

SCORE BOARD : January the 3rd 1942 : 1 Ki-27 Nate fighter - January the 23th 1942 : 2 chasseurs Ki-27 Nate - January the 24th 1942 : 1 Ki-21 Sally bomber et 1 Ki-27 Nate fighter - January the 29th 1942 : 1 Ki-27 Nate fighter - April the 24th 1942 : he shares a Ki-15 reconnaissance plane - April the 28th 1942 : 2 Ki-43 Hayabusa fighters (Oscar) - May the 5th 1942 : 1 Ki-43 Hayabusa fighter (Oscar) - July the 6th 1942 : 1 Ki-27 Nate fighter.

George Bugard


Georges Bugard, born in Pensylvania in 1915, was freighter pilot when he signed up for the A.V.G. After the war he piloted for the American Export lines. If you want to know many details about Georges Bugard's life telled by his son, click here. He scored ten victories, as follows :

SCORE BOARD : Feburuary the 21th 1942 : 2 Ki-27 fighters - February the 25th 1942 : 1 bomber and 2 fighters - February the 26th 1942 : 3 Ki-27 Nate fighters- June the 12th 1942 : 1 Ki-27 Nate fighter et 1 twin engined Ki-45 Toryu.

Charles Older


Charles Older was also credited with 10 victories. A former law student at UCLA, he quits the Flying Tigers adventure, then he returns to the US Army and reaches the level of Lieutenant colonnel. After the war he resumes his Law study and become a judge. During the Korean war he serves once more in combat with a B-26 Invader. Thereafter he continues an outstanding career as judge, presiding, among others, the famous trial of Charles Manson. His victories comprise ::

SCORE BOARD : December the 21th 1941 : 2 Ki-21 Sally bombers - December the 25th 1941 : 2 Ki-21 sally bombers and 1 Ki-43 Hayabusa fighter (Oscar) - January the 17th 1942 : 1 Ki-21 Sally and another shared - March the 29th 1942 : 1 twin engined Ki-46 "Dinah" - April the 10th1942 : 1 Ki-43 fighter Hayabusa shared with Hedman. April the 28th 1942 : 2 Ki-43 Hayabusa fighters (Oscar).


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