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"Dolce Vita", 1957 Pescara grand Prix - oil on canvas

Dolce vita - Grand Prix de pescara 1957
Dolce vita - Grand Prix de pescara 1957Dolce vita - Grand Prix de pescara 1957 - detail 1Dolce vita - Grand Prix de pescara 1957 - detail 2Dolce vita - Grand Prix de pescara 1957 - detail 3


200 cm x 130 cm
Pascal Defaye - France

You look at the 1957 Pescara Grand Prix in Italy. The pilots get ready on the start grid when suddenly a beautifull blond haired girl Comes to sow the disorder. She's followed by an ugly little dog. Joachim Bonnier gets an eyefull scratching his ear, Scarlatti catch nervoulsly his Maserati (to avoid falling down), Stirling Moss is wondering what to do. But this young woman is Anita ekberg and there is somebody who knows very well what to do : Federico Fellini ! (Standing close to Marcello Mastroianni and Claudia Cardinale on the left in the background). Dolce Vita is a painting made like a "game of hide". Oh ! and by the way, there three paparazi hidden in the picture. If you find them, send me a mail !

Limited edition of this painting

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