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"The surrender", Focke Wulf 190D - oil on canvas

Focke wulf reddition
Focke wulf redditionFocke wulf reddition detail 1Focke wulf reddition detail 2Focke wulf reddition detail 3


100 x 50 cm
Olivier Menu - France

A young German lieutenant is surrendering to the allied forces on May 1945. When he was informed about the German capitulation, he flew westward and landed at Furtz near Nurnberg. Like his comrades, he considered that it was better to surrender to the English and Americans than being captured by the Soviets. This painting is inspired by a true picture which I've modified a little bit : jeep, dog, stormy sky. The landscape has been slightly changed for more depth. The aircraft is a Focke Wulf 190D. It was nicknamed "Long nose" because the German engenieers had replaced his radial engine by a inline one, transforming totally its design. There will be no limited editions of this painting.

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