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Latecoere 631 above the French West Indies

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140 x 70 cm
Emballage cartonné
Châssis entoillé coton
Disponible / avalaible / Price on request

The Latécoère 631, designed before the second world war was the greatest seaplane of its times. With a lenght of 45 meters and 60 meters wingspan he outclassed by its size the American Boeing 314. However his carreer was pretty short and punctuated with accidents which led to the cessation of its operation in 1955. On July 1948, The Laté 631 FB-DRC "Henri Guillaumet"  Takes off from Mauretania to "Fort the France" in the French West Indies. He disapeares 1200 miles from the African coast. Debris were found but no survivors. This is the same airplane I've represented in this painting  with the French west Indies coast in background. PAINTING AVALAIBLE - Price on request.

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