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"OK guys, let's go and no quarter !" - oil on canvas

Gangsters désert 01
Gangsters désert 01Gangster opheliaGangster Jim BellemarreGangster John BellemarreGangster Chris Weinberg


160 x 120 cm
Michel Gladieu (France)

Four gangsters are drifting through the south during the thirties. The Bellemare Gang is Led by Ophelia, who distinguishes herself by a violent nature, her hysteric behavior and constant improvisation. If "Baby Face Nelson" was a woman, he would be Ophelia. At the age of 17, her brothers, Jim and John, were in prison for a car robbery. Their uncle, Chris, at the left side, is the most reasonable of the group. They're on their way to kill ttheir yougest brother's murderers, Jack, who got shot by the machine guns of "Iron Franck" and "Black Floyd".
Thanks to Dominique, Cedric and Ophelie for their contribution.

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